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Healthy Eating Your Way

By Shannon Crocker MSC RD PHEc

What’s the best food to eat?

As a dietitian I’m often asked questions like “what’s the best diet?” or “what’s the one food I should be eating to boost my health?”.

Here’s the thing, there’s no one food that is best for everyone. Love apples, but not oranges? That’s okay! Don’t like kale? You can skip it! Eat a different veggie instead.

March is Nutrition Month and dietitians like me are sharing with Canadians that when it comes to eating well, there is no perfect formula. Our food choices depend on so many factors such as personal preference, health conditions, food availability, budget, culture and traditions.

When it comes to healthy eating, it can look different for everyone. Your best bet when cooking at home is to eat a variety of foods you like, while making most choices nutrient-rich ones.


What’s a nutrient-rich food?

Nutrient-rich foods are foods that provide a whole lot of nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, but don’t contain a whole lot of calories. Examples include vegetables and fruit, whole grains, and protein foods like milk, eggs, lentils, lean meats– that of course includes turkey!


How does turkey fit into a healthy eating style?

Just like there’s no one right way to eat healthy, there’s no one right way to enjoy turkey. Roasted, grilled, stir-fried – there are SO many ways turkey can be used to make delicious, nourishing and satisfying meals.

Since we’re not eating out these days, I’m looking for ways to switch up what we’re cooking and the methods in which we cook, too. Enter shredded turkey thighs and breasts! From nourish bowls to soup to sandwiches, shredded turkey is versatile. Nutritionally speaking, both are lean and nutrient-rich choices.


Four Easy Recipes with Shredded Turkey

If you’re looking to shake up your meal routine and need some inspiration, here are four easy shredded turkey recipes. Choose one (or all!) that works best for you.

 Turkey Black Bean Slow Cooker Burrito Bowls

Imagine how amazing your home will smell with turkey, tomatoes, rice, beans and chilli seasonings simmering in a slow cooker all day while you work in your home office. At the end of the day, add whatever toppings you like, and dinner is served. Make extra so you’ve got leftovers for quick lunches.


Filipino Adobo-Style Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

Adobo is a classic Filipino dish with bright and tangy flavours. Typically served over rice, this sandwich version is a tasty comforting meal. Double up on the pulled turkey to enjoy on rice for another meal during the week.


Baked Turkey Tortellini

This recipe is a great way to take a convenience food (frozen tortellini) and make it into an easy, nourishing meal. As a dietitian, I love that it’s packed with protein from the shredded turkey and filled with fibre from the various veggies. This meal definitely gives you long lasting energy satisfaction. As a mom, I know my hungry teens will devour it! Pro tip: make two at a time and keep one for another night during the week.


Shredded Turkey Stuffed Salad Rolls with Easy Peanut Sauce

This is a really fun recipe to make with your family when you’ve got a little more time to sit around the table and chat while you build your meal. I like to put out all the ingredients and have everyone make their own rolls, the way they like them. Load them up with shredded turkey and whatever veggies you like that you have in the fridge. I would add shredded carrot and thinly sliced cucumber along with the red pepper, lettuce and herbs in the recipe.

Here’s to finding your own healthy!