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Turkey Burgers: Best in Class for Back to School Suppers

By Shannon Crocker MSc RD, Vibrant Nutrition Communications

School may be back, but don’t fret, grilling season isn’t over yet!

Despite starting up with hectic back-to-school routines – rushed mornings, packing lunches, running to after school activities, cramming in dinner – I do whatever I can to hang on to the easy-breezy summer feeling. One thing that helps is keeping barbecued foods, like turkey burgers, on my weeknight menu.

Barbecued turkey burgers get top marks in my books as a mom and a dietitian for three reasons: they’re simple, nutritious and delicious!

  1. Turkey burgers are simple.

A turkey burger plus a salad is one of my go-to school night suppers. I’m always happy when I’ve got turkey patties made ahead and a package of coleslaw style salad in the fridge (healthy convenience at it’s finest!).

I like to make turkey patties on the weekends when I have more time. I freeze them on a tray and transfer them to a freezer bag. On a busy weeknight, just take the patties out of the freezer, put them on the grill, toss a salad, and dinner’s ready in no time!

Bonus! Grill a double batch so you can have turkey burgers another night – just switch up the salad and it’s a whole new meal. Leftover turkey burgers are also perfect for a packed lunch. Ground turkey provides the protein needed to power your kids through an afternoon at school. My guys even eat them cold!

  1. Turkey burgers are nutritious.

Making your own burgers with fresh ground turkey allows you to control the ingredients that are going onto your family’s plate.

Starting with ground turkey helps you to create the best burger you can: it’s lean and nutrient-rich, so every bite of your burger will be filled with health-boosting nutrients like high quality protein, brain-loving vitamin B12, immune-strengthening zinc and energizing iron.

  1. Turkey burgers are delicious!

I don’t need to tell you how tasty turkey is! Ground turkey makes a super moist, flavourful burger. Here are three of my favourite turkey burgers on the Canadian Turkey site. Give them a try!

  • Green Goodness Turkey Sliders: Mini burgers, or sliders, are especially good for kiddos with smaller appetites. Top them with avocado mayo for a sublime slider!
  • Turkey Taco Burgers: These turkey burgers are topped with corn salsa and are perfect for (Turkey) Taco Tuesday.
  • Cheddar Smokey Turkey & Lentil Burgers: Green lentils basically “disappear” when combined into ground turkey and add some heart healthy fibre to your burger.

Next time you’re shopping, put ground turkey on your grocery list so you can barbecue turkey burgers and extend that sweet summertime feeling.

Happy Grilling!